05 April 2021



I'm getting to be rather obsessed with this 1987 Delaware artifact. Absolutely brilliant SPITS-by-way-of-THE FALL sharing space with a few dreary and out of tune college rock tracks and raw, snotty US DIY punk. And a mini-comp on the flip with two burners from JONES PURCELL and contributions from DARK REALITY, PRISONERS OF WAR ("Kitty Kat" might be the best single cut on the tape), GUILTY BYSTANDERS, LOCAL COLOR and two singer songwriters to ensure that listeners will be thoroughly perplexed upon completion. Obsessed might be a stretch, of course...but I want to know more and I want to hear more, so consider me "interested."

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kingpossum said...

"Spits-by-way-of-the-Fall"...done. Thanks for the post and all you do here.