18 April 2021


Brown's name pops up occasionally in the margins when reading about Bay Area outsider composers and artists. A spirit that floats effortlessly between borderless realms of improvisation, New Age, future jazz and almost scientific experimentation, Brown's creations present a sonic body that can be contained by none of those descriptors. As with most presentations of early (or earlier) experimental and/or ambient sounds, proper contextualization and academic discussion are not things I am qualified to provide or facilitate, but I can say that these two pieces from David Brown are gorgeous and haunting aural assemblages - the other worldly ambient jazz of "Fever Dream" gives way to an almost CRASS-like disorienting aural collage, while "Sonic Vista" is, as much as it is anything, exactly what the title suggests. And as always, there is so much more out there....you will never find it all. That's why it's so hard to stop. 


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