22 April 2021



Just pure insanity - adolescent desperation and unabated plains fury (like the amber waves of grains kind of plains).  A split with SUBSANITY and one posthumous single are all the diggers have to sink their teeth into, but those of you who (still) deal in digital sonic currency have the totality of their recorded output at your disposal. Over a few different sessions, you can hear them getting gnarlier (Ross said the drummer was kinda obsessed with CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER for a while, and the last 4-track session, while admittedly pretty rough, demonstrates that obsession clearly), becoming the aural animal that would eventually morph into BURNPILE...but its that first session that really grabs me. The version of "Sit Down" that highlights the nasty East Bay shit they were probably listening to in between the third generation GASTUNK and KURO tapes, "Life Of Puke" that predates the Y2K fastcore explosion by half a decade but would have taken the fucking roof off at ChicagoFest, the clean and intense (pre)DS13 guitar chasing the drums....that session is simply beyond words (though I'm clearly trying). RAT PISS may not have known what they were doing, but these 21 songs might sound even better in hindsight than anyone fully realized at the time.

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