14 January 2021



I saw a few friends from Milwaukee blabbing about this band on social media a few weeks ago and my ears (or, more accurately, my thumbs) perked up. I'm not fucking encyclopedia, but I know a few things and it makes me especially eager to devour things I've never heard of - especially punk things, and especially punk things from Wisconsin and Oklahoma (though Ross has the Oklahoma market covered, so you should send your artifacts directly to him). So I reached out, and my pal Dug offered to send me his copy of Headless And Gutted to party with for a bit, and here I am...partying. You aren't in store for raging hardcore, but if you want a blast of irreverent screaming Midwest hardcore punk from the late 1987 then sign the fuck up. Listen #1 was excitement, anticipation. Listens #2 through #6 I was more like, "Man, this shit is childish." And it is childish...but then, you put yourself in a VFW Hall in Cudahay as a surplus store army boot wearing 16 year old....and it's kinda like the greatest thing ever. 


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