27 January 2021



A soaring, pained, twenty minute opus constructed in 2003, in the forgotten rural lands far south of San Francisco. Described by the creator as a "response to the war on terror, the impending war with Iraq & America's lust for Middle Eastern resources," Barren is excruciatingly deliberate - "Oceans Of Jihad" spends its existence coaxing the listener into hoping for a release while "From Father To Son" provides something of the sort, albeit in the form of volume induced angst extended out over the final six minutes of the piece. More of a realization than an actual release of any sort. This one was passed from a stranger's hand to mine in the midst of what feels now like another lifetime (perhaps because it was, in fact, another lifetime entirely). It's hard to tell if the piece itself has matured over those 17 years, or if I was just (finally) ready for EFFEXOR when I went back to revisit this tape a few weeks ago. Either way, I am glad to have it with me in this lifetime. 

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