01 January 2021



According to the blurb on the back of the cassette, Atabaý Çargulyýew was wildly popular in his home country of Turkmenistan but never had any official releases. Any background or context I could offer would be limited, factually suspect and would be regurgitated from the internet anyway, so.....here's some wild, high energy synth pop madness. Over the top in virtually every way, and it certainly sounds like the main verse melody from "Amangül" was lifted from ROLLING STONES.  

Also, dude looks cool as fuck. 


Way2go said...

Hello, thanks for upload. It seems the 8th track is missed in upload. Can you fix this issue, please? Thanks!

the wizard said...

Nothing missing - just forgot to resequence after I edited. The #8 track was the silence between the A and B sides as I flipped the tape.
Great, now you know how the sausage is made.