08 January 2021



I remember picking up all three volumes of the Holland Hardcore LP reissues in one glorious moment in the early 2000s, and then I devoured them (pixelation and all). Each collection is packed with essential tracks from some of the greats, but also includes more under the radar acts perfect for the budding connoisseur. 1984's 2nd Attack features PANDEMONIUM, INDIREKT and FUNERAL ORATION from the first category, with SESAMZAAD, BLOEDBAD and THE APERITY'S in the second, while C.K.N. fills the void that's in between. Little to say that hasn't already been well covered over the last three decades, but there's a reason these recordings are considered classics. 

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jkieranpaul said...

Great comps! I probably got my LP's the same time, Robert. Great collection of tunes.