20 January 2021


It's probably best for me to just leave this demo here and not get myself all wound up. MULTI FACET released one of my favorite EPs of the 1990s - a record that is dark, relentless, and captures so much of Oakland hardcore punk. Until recently, I thought that those four songs and the split with SHEEPHEAD were it....turns out there's more. Jeneane's vocals sound like they are about to just collapse on "Slow Burn" (many of the lyrics are undecipherable, but listen to her fucking die while she forces out "feel so cold" and "crashing around me") and the take of "Reach" here is faster, more manic than the vinyl version. So just listen, and I'll get myself wound up in private. 

There's one cut on the tape that's not listed....any Bay Area heads want to help out with the title?
I posted a Gilman set a few years ago...it's really fucking good too. 


Cole Gates said...

I found this tape in a few box last year, it made my year!

Anonymous said...

Great tape!! Thanks for sharing this one. Love the vocals.