26 August 2018


Every time I listen to this band, I am just more amazed that they continue to fly under the radar. Maybe the "radar" in question is the American Void that separates the country's two coasts, and maybe THE BROOD receive the accolades they deserve on their east coast, but I strongly feel that they are one of Philadelphia's fiercest exports in the last decade. There's a hook buried somewhere in every song, and right out of the gate on "Sinkhole" these punks got fukkn riffs. Offer up all of these elements with the indescribable power of Ned's vocals and the result is just deadly....again. Harnessing the intensity of Pittsburgh's political punk legacy and a penchant for UK anarcho, THE BROOD do it all with the heavy hand of furious black clad '00s US basement crust clenched into a tight fucking fist. That makes sense....I swear it does, but after you hear the back-to-back of "October Dreams" into "Dying Futures" you won't give half a shit about my stupid words. 

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