06 August 2018


Sometimes vacations are unannounced, and sometimes sabbaticals absence just leaves you wanting more. Returned last night from a ten day jaunt through the Yucca Mesa and wondrous Wonder Valley, the Riverwest 24 in Milwaukee (aka The People's Holiday, aka The Best Day Of The Year), a LAUGHING DOG show in the middle of a few days in Albuquerque, and several guerrilla photo exhibits in and on abandoned things across the southwestern United States. My intent was to stockpile enough posts to get you through the hard times, but sometimes hard times are just....hard. 

The final (I think?) offering from these NYC children, DEFORMITY's 2013 demo serves as a nice portal to the manic and psychedelic KALEIDOSCOPE attack that was to follow. Raw and disjointed punk, still shaking rules off its back...but with great success. I recommend referring to the band's earlier work ALSO, but absolutely not instead of this demo, as the progression is noteworthy. "No-One" must be one of the screamingest pogo/thrash attacks I have ever heard, and DEFORMITY warrants more than a casual glance in the review mirror. 

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