08 August 2018


I think you could easily argue that up front and in your face left wing politics are more necessary now than they ever were in the '90s (at least in the so-called "west" and/or "first world" countries), but I guess there's no harm in reaching back for a taste of that fire now and then. What HUMAN ERROR lack(ed) in proficiency, they more than make up for with grit, delivering 40 minutes of bulldozer hardcore (four studio tracks and a 30+ minute live set) assailing the rich and the corporations and abusers....you know, the same people who have been fucking the collective "us" for generations. AUS ROTTEN via DISORDER, with a Death And Pure Destruction-era DEATH SENTENCE guitar sound that is wholly endearing. Rough, forceful, unashamed....it's what we need in punk.

I want to thank people for turning up to the anti-McDonald's protests, and thank the people who turned up for the Rock Against McDonald's gig - we made $900 that night for the Global Support Campaign. 

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