07 December 2017


So apparently there's this band called MONSTER TREASURE from Stockton, California. And apparently they have captured the very essence of late '80s/early '90s alt/college rock in all of the best ways. The trappings that bands fall into when they try to phone in this shit....the clich├ęs those bands so easily fall into....those of us where were there can spot a fake a mile away, and it fukkn annoys me. But right out of the gate MONSTER TREASURE seems real, like WEDDING PRESENT and SEBADOH and MERCURY REV at the same time but through a time warp purifier thing that can somehow ensure that they aren't openly aping (or directly acknowledging) any of their influences, they are just embodying the thing...and it's amazing. Just listen to "This" a thousand times (in a row....and today) and you'll know what I mean. This demo is from 2012, there are also two recent full lengths that are very worth your time and attention. 

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