22 December 2017


Holy New Millennium Hardcore, I miss ruthless fastcore. Ferocious blasts from Michigan, this demo seems to predate all of their (excellent) proper releases...and it is pure fire. Fire...and it is also so fukkn fast. Check the bass break that kicks "Dig Your Way Out" into gear, dig the kick drum at the 0:14 mark of "God Hates Major Labels," the whole damn thing is just repeated blasts to the face. The chorus to "What's Next, Concentration Camps?" is like a serious of nauseous episodes masquerading as hardcore upheavals at 45rpm, and that's just what I was able to glean from the first couple of listens because the whole fukkn demo clocks in under six minutes. Do it. 

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Matt said...

Holy shit. I was just looking these guys on up YouTube today, wondering if they had any material I missed. I played with them a bunch around 2006-2008, really miss that band. Their successor, Nimbus Terrifix is great too, but the DR stuff holds a special place in my heart. Do you have more from them? I believe I have the xbrainiax split, and several editions of their rottenness (sometimes s/t?) 7".