06 December 2017


I was super happy that Mau uncovered a handful of these gems before this year's FLIPOUTAA tour in Brasil, and even happier that one of them made it into my hands. LiE were at the forefront of the Y2K fastcore/bandana thrash revival in the late '90s, even though their sound today pretty much presents as hyper speed Japanese hardcore (a testament to the role that fashion and presentation played in that "revival"), and created a healthy splash with their records on 625 Thrash and high energy live shows. Let this 2003 creamer be your reminder: it wasn't all about fashion, it was about a scene, and it was about fukkn shredding the joint....and LiE handled both departments. 

Two members of LiE have been ripping with HAMMER drummer Jun in FLIPOUTAA for over a decade now, and I am extremely stoked that they will be back in North America in early 2018. It never stops...

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Mr.T said...

I saw LIE at Gilman St. and they ripped.....I enjoy Hammer too!