02 December 2017


Some 28 years ago, friends of mine from another country (future friends of course, I was 17 years old at the time and had one penpal in Tulsa...my punk network was relatively small) toured the United States. A friend of theirs made this mix tape for them to listen to on the long and lonely pre-right wing AM talk radio infested highways in an age of no smart phones and fewer distractions, an age when just making idle conversation and laughing while looking out the window and taking in the landscapes, be they monotonous or majestic, was a perfectly acceptable way to spend a day with your friends and/or bandmates. This isn't just a perfect driving mix, it's also a pretty damn solid slice of what folks were listening to at the time...before the extreme valley between mainstream indie/punk and DIY was fully formed, when bands now considered starter punk were themselves simply starters. I would imagine that most Escape visitors already have (or have heard) most of these tunes, but I give you my word that hearing them in this combination and sequence and context is exceptionally pleasing. My word might not be worth much, of course, but that word, along with a 90 minute mix tape compiled by someone I have never met, is what I have to offer today. 

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winoboots said...

New a guy in Tulsa in the 80s. Giving this a try.