18 December 2017


I feel like this Portland band flew under the radar for the entirety of their existence. Maybe it was Portland, with it's strict guidelines on what bands need to be to be well received (not a dig on Portland, really, just an outsider's observation of the results of years of sub-scene fracturing...and the internet). DEAD BY DAWN were weird and kinda grunge, but their hardcore was fierce and fukk and they knew how to swing (I'm talking the last 60 seconds of "Mental Health" here....three tempos, and they all roll like casual thunder). There were a few records (the LP is pure $1 bin fodder, has pretty uninviting artwork, and is WELL worth your time and money) after this demo, but I feel like the band was never fully appreciated in or out of their home city. There is no justice in this world though, so this shouldn't come as a surprise. 

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