17 December 2017


My pal Ross from Oklahoma has been in a bunch of bands in the 20ish years that I've known him. I used to live in Oklahoma, but I moved away when I was just 23 and Ross is a few years younger than me, so I've only seen him play a couple of times over the years. The shows were always good, plus Ross is a hilarious and smart and wildly talented dude who I really like hanging out with when our paths cross. Most of his bands seem to fly more or less under the radar, perhaps because they were all from Oklahoma, but that's punk's loss, and not Ross's. Because that fool gonna keep yelling his head off and making weird mutant DIY hardcore punk until the rest of punk has made the switch to self indulgent bedroom electronics - and then he's gonna outlive the next punk generation too. Ross gave me this AMERICAN HATE demo a few years ago at a show in Oakland, when they played a tiny ass living room and the cool kids didn't know what to think. I knew what to think though....I thought: "Oklahoma is OK." 

Ross is also responsible for Everything Is Not OK, which is the coolest punk fest in North America (dear All Other Punk Fests: no offense, I only know how to speak the truth), and AMERICAN HATE have a new LP that's really fukkn good. 


Krustie said...

have more albums? please are so fucking amazing

Krustie said...

Amazing band thanks formato sharing

sanders said...

thanks for this ! ross was always REALLY cool to unpersons when we went thru town. maybe you even put me in touch with him back then, can't remember.