13 December 2017


Pure American DIY filth. The guitars sound like they are are played through speakers made of grocery bags, the vocals are unintelligible grunts, and their forays into aural DYSTOPIA(n) missives often land flat....but holy SHIT does this demo rule. I can only assume this is late '90s, and that must have been an interesting time to be a dirt punk living down the road from Muskegon, Michigan. That dude Nazi Jake was probably around then, and that dude was pretty creepy when I met him in the '00s...but I digress. If your capacity for high energy crust and under the radar grime is high, then this demo is HIGHLY recommended. 

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Anonymous said...

Jake Hitler was a cunt, haha. This is Chad Hagenah's band from '96, with Rick Roberts. Chad now goes by Chad Cherry, plays in The Last Vegas, & The Claws out in L.A. Great collection of rarities you got here.