16 December 2017


My pal Jason from Georgia has been in a bunch of bands in the 20ish years that I've known him. Georgia is pretty far from every house I've ever lived in, so we don't visit very often and I have only seen him play a few times....and he's a really good drummer. And a super hilarious dude who I really like hanging out with when our paths cross. Most of Jason's bands seem to fly more or less under the radar, perhaps because some of them have had really stupid names like AMERICAN CHEESEBURGER, but that's punk's loss, and not Jason's. Because that fool gonna keep beating the shit out of the tubs and cranking out relentless DIY as fukk hardcore until the rest of punk has finished making the switch to self indulgent bedroom electronics - and then he's gonna out live the next punk generation too. Jason made me a tape of this AMERICAN CHEESEBURGER recording back in '06, I decided to include his handwritten address on the cover in case you want to send him a postcard and tell him he rules. 


jkieranpaul said...

Jason is a sweetheart and was responsible for many amazing shows in Athens. When things were shit in Atlanta (and even when they weren't), we'd drive up to Athens cos Jason booked a band. Thanks for the post - their last show was phenomenal as it had both singers participate.

sanders said...

jason IS a sweetheart (and above commenter john paul is too, and he had a good label in ATL !)