24 December 2017


A warning that this thing is red lined like fire and sounds about as blown out as my ass after a week of beans at altitude...but these San Diego mutants were straight up one of the shit hottest live acts of the late 2000s. Legit weirdos in every wonderful way, they were also unbelievably fast, laughably tight and unapologetically real. You can recreate the other stuff, but the realness just has to be...well, real. Check the rest of their output here (and hear this demo in a much less distorted digital form - you can compare/contrast like I did, though I'm not sure which version I prefer), and get fukkn wild. 


DIATRIBE should be known to most, but folks outside of California might not know that they "reformed" a few years back. Vinnie Fono, who sang for DIATRIBE on the Aftermath EP and was fronting Beer City Records recording artists THE SHITGIVEITS when I met him in 1995, decided to "get the band back together" with a crew of people who had never been in the band at all, and they started gigging. I saw this iteration once, and it was OK I guess (I was there to see another band, I swear), but it's not a thing that anyone needs. However, their first post-"reformation" release was this 2011 split with DEATH CRISIS and the three tracks on the non-DIATRIBE side of the tape are fukkn creamers. 

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LOL, cheers Robert. Yeah that recording...woof.