11 May 2016


TIMEGHOST either casually dropped an homage to primitive analog noise compositions, or managed to harness the originality of artists like IVO MALEC and JOHN PFEIFFER...blips, monologues, whirs, digital oddities, found sounds. From the subtle beats in "Delicate Resonances" to the gnome-esque murmurings that weave in and out of the electronics on "On Airs, Waters & Places," Cellular is a dark and deliberate offering. Released in 2014 by Load on wax and Chondritic Sound on cassette...this one is not so much a listen, but a journey.

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kingpossum said...

The artist's name is well suited. To my ear, the sounds here veer between the supernatural and the extraterrestrial, and do so without the cheesier elements those words can evoke. Great headphone listening on the flight back from Albuquerque. Thanks for the post.