14 May 2016


Somewhere between East LA and Compton lies the metropolitan Los Angeles community of Maywood. And somehow amongst the rows of strip malls and chain stores and weird metro chain burger/taco joints (Tom's #7, Leo's #2, Fresh & Meaty isn't too far away, but they don't have tacos...I digress), somehow the village of Maywood birthed a sinister and brutal speed/death/thrash metal behemoth....and that behemoth is called INFERNAL DAMNATION (fair warning: at the time of posting, this link will send you to a popular social networking website, and specifically to a page on that website with an artist's depiction of boobies...so don't click that link if you hate society and/or boobs....ahhhh, metal). Triggered kicks, dueling leads, vocals not brutal enough for death metal but too confident for thrash metal (note: as a result, these vox are essentially perfect), a vague but not overpowering '90s SXE click in the bass...and hooks. Seriously. The 2:01 mark of "Dominions Obscure," when the guitar teases you into thinking that we are about to drop into straight thrash gear? That shit is tight. The top burner at TEHQ is "Cast Down Into Hell Fire," but that might because it's the purest ripper on the tape....although the BM breakdown in "Decomposed Hordes" is super hard to fuck with. Actually...this whole thing is hard to fuck with.

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