05 May 2016


There are times (as on "In Eager Mess") that I find BULLYRAG too self indulgent, too...well, too emo. But "With Jupiter Rising" follows that track and it's even more '90s emo (and when you hear this tape, you'll find that hard to believe), but it's got teeth. Mostly this tape doesn't have teeth, but that makes it even better when they are bared, you know? And it's like a time warp...I swear I claimed to hate this shit at the time, but I also toured with BOY SETS FIRE once and I genuinely dig the CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE single on Freewill, so maybe I was always just posing. There's something so adolescent and innocently masculine about this era....dominated even more by male voices than most punk scenes, it always seemed (and seems even more so now) that many were struggling to shed their very maleness by stepping out of the traditional trappings of gender based stereotypes. But maybe it was really just a bunch of boys in the playground...regardless, the soft spot grows as my age advances, and "But There Are Brighter Dreams Than Those Of Fame" is a solid jammer. 

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