27 May 2016


Tapes like this are why I buy things on a whim. A hunch. A gamble, if you will. Saw a band a few months ago, it was pretty cool. The band did a good job, file under "not really my thing," but they were totally good, if you get my drift.  Perusing their wares post set, I came across this two track cassette and I thought it looked....interesting. Found out it was a solo thing from one of the fellows in the band I had just seen, electronic and noisy....so I parted with five of my dollars and slipped a copy of Alia's Fine into my bag with the rest of my booty. This tape is not good, this tape does not "get the job done." This tape fukkn sucks you in and becomes one with your very being. One the one hand, it's so simple: primitive analog (sounding) synths, exceptionally chilled out beats (on one track), both masked by a soothing cloud of distortion and noise. I mean...that's it, so any fool could do this....right? I welcome all fools to try, and I hope you succeed like this, because this one is a total fukkn success. 


kingpossum said...

Very cool stuff, this. Reminiscent of the short-lived sub-genre of space black metal, with its monolithic and slow moving drone/riff. Thanks for the post.

K said...

Space black metal? This I've got to check out.