07 May 2016


I don't know man...sometimes you just need to hear a dude from New Mexico singing modern country tunes about rodeos. Fuck rodeos, by the way, in every way imaginable, but still....a good jam is a good jam. And to hear Pope sing "she's a liberated woman // she's a breed of her own" - well I'm almost able to believe that he's a progressive cowboy and not just singing about a horse. I'm thinking Johnny listened to more than a few Marty Robbins records, and I would suggest that those listens served him well. Enjoy.


K said...

The hits keep coming!

Slinderbland Bakers said...

The Wizard... you are one wild son of a gun! This (along with obscure 1999 powerviolence demos from Minot, North Dakota) is why we love you.

Adrián Osorio said...

im gonna be jhonny pipe,
eating with my toothpick
interesting one mr wizard!
thanks for keep it mix and fresh.