13 May 2016


Three bands from Yakutsk, capital of the Sakha Republic in Siberia - a city of 300,000 isolated motherfuckers who are starting to drop some really compelling punk and hardcore bands.  ШАРМ СС were here recently, but this other shit....? I'm just saying you need to get amongst the Russia Train now to avoid being left behind, because that shit is leaving the station and it's standing room only. ЖЕНСКАЯ ДИСГАРМОНИЯ, DEAD BIEBER'S, and ШАРМ СС make some seriously engaging racket on this comp...raw and discordant punk and hardcore shits to share with all your friends. Can you believe that Matt just didn't want this anymore and gave it to me? Shit - I couldn't believe it either.


Dk said...

Matt didn't WANT it ANYMORE???? ...THIS??? ...WHAT??? When he played one of the bands on the radio show last year, I tried to learn Russian quickly in order to find out more. Luckily he provided an English address for interested listeners, so Google translate wasn't needed after all. I found not only did Dead Biebers & Шарм CС blow me away but also Женская Дисгармoния (especially Женская Дисгармoния). It's awesome to know that there is punk/hardcore reaching places that most Americans don't know about, let alone explore. Maybe it's the "we're the greatest nation on earth" mentality or "nobody else I know is listening to it so why should I" mindset or "I don't understand the language" scapegoat. I will say that whatever your excuse, you're missing out. Damn fine bands/split/comp. Now, back to Matt not wanting this anymore ....THIS??? ...WHAT???

Dust Vee Don Ya said...

Oh The Wizard, you had me at "ПЛОХОЙ ПАНК"

Matt said...

I had two copies. I kept one :)