09 May 2016


It's a difficult thing to explain (to some people), but there is an absolute art to creating the perfect trash. And that totally fukkd guitar that starts "Who's Right?" is a prime example. It sounds like complete garbage. I would never want it anywhere near anything that I attached my name to...but it is absolutely brilliant in its sheer shit. MASHER drop maniacal guitar/drum dual vocal mince/grind on this demo, 25 tracks (including the mandatory recording of someone taking a piss) in around ten minutes. Brutal, tuneless, politically uncompromising, filthy no-fi grind. To the people who like this shit, I say: this is good. To the rest of you I say: this is good, even if you don't know it.

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The Earslaughterers said...

Thanks for that.
A couple of years ago, along with Peur Panique's singer, I did a "terribly sloppy punk" special for my radio show in Paris and I remember he played Masher (along with a few other noisy Brazilian bands). Gloriously sloppy.