19 May 2016


I swear kids....I swear that this shit wasn't always evil and to be avoided at all costs. '90s "melodic hardcore" (as it was frequently referred to at the time) is full of unsung gems that are worthy of revisiting. For every mainstream punk LAGWAGON, there were ten GOMEZ's, and for every few paint-by-numbersmades made up of total douchelords, there was a band like DEAD FISH. These Brasilians appeared on The Escape before with their first demo, and 1995's (Re)Progresso...? is the perfect sophomore effort (check the two versions of "Social Aggression" against each other). This one is faster, tighter, and the vocals are more confident....don't be scared of the hooks kids. There's nothing wrong with humming along, even if you don't know the words (or don't speak Portuguese).

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Pope Bendadick said...

Praise be The Wizard. Reframing the preconceived notions of melodic 90s punk for those minds polluted by the loudest naysayers on the internet is thankless, but necessary work. If god existed you would be doing the lord's work. If you keep at it you will surely become the melodic 90s punk equivalent of what St. Francis of Assissi was to da anamules.