31 May 2016


I was a little surprised when I popped in this 1994 demo for the first time in who knows how many years - CABLE doesn't sound dated, and the tracks have all of the power that I remember. Emotionally charged erratic hardcore that acts as a bridge of sorts between early '90s basement DIY and the technically proficient sounds of bands like CAVE IN....a scene that would, by the turn of the century, all but completely remove itself from underground punk and hardcore. Demos like this help quantify some of the frustrations that (some) (older) rockers have with current waves of bands trying to emulate sounds and scenes from the past: bands like CABLE weren't trying to sound like anyone, they were just going for it. This is what happened.

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Media Hits said...

I remember seeing ads for this band in MRR and thinking "that's the name of an X-men character".