02 May 2016


There are enough words on The Internet about PETER STUBB (the accurately self described "Cassette Legend") written by people with direct and personal knowledge and information that I won't waste your time, other than to say that STUBB is an actual outside, and his music reflects that. One man noisecore/grind freak punk explosion all over your keyboard...and then he drops a bomb like "PopTart Park" that has AWK caliber hooks from the guitar....and then it's right back to the madness with "Oilskin Leprosy." This tape from last year is like that. For true noise freaks only....but then, the true noise freaks are already familiar.

"Lard Dispose"
"Full Blown Hard On"
"Alter Jabber"
"Where Did All The Cool People Go?"
"Generator Masturbator"
"The Dead Arise To Fuck!"
"Boom Box Demo"

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