21 May 2016


The tension that this tape creates is difficult to describe...you spend the first few minutes wanting it to go somewhere, the next few wondering if it will, and the few after that realizing that it won't - and then you really get tense, because you still WANT it to. And then the second side of the tape brings pure and blissful salvation in the form of a soaring 12 minute exorcism...and the first side suddenly has more meaning and context than you could have imagined.  Trance inducing psychedelic drone that sounds like it's from another time as much as from another planet...OPHIBRE is insanely prolific, and this 2010 release is just the tip of the iceberg. 

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kingpossum said...

I'm a drone freak so this should be interesting. Not going anywhere is the point with this stuff, and the not going anywhere is the somewhere that it gets to. Or something like that.

Belated thanks for the Bug and Johnny Pope posts too. Pope made for a good soundtrack on a recent visit to New Mexico.