03 January 2016


Burnin' Churnin' Aussie Rock 'n Roll from Lobby Loyde. I was unfamiliar before this tape passed through my hands, but these tracks have become essential since...swinging tunes with a guitar that calls to the Gibbons God as much as it forges a truly unique path, all crashing headlong into the proto punk of the Australian 1970s. Fans of STOOGES, ROSE TATTOO (for whom Loyde played bass for a short stint in '79), MC5, THE SAINTS, RADIO BIRDMAN, and so on will want to take note and then dive further into a discography that includes THE PURPLE HEARTS, THE COLOURED BALLS (I know this tape is a collection of COLOURED BALLS tracks, but you need to dig this version of "Heavy Metal Kids" before you move along any further, you'll thank me), WILD CHERRIES, and heaps more. This is why tape trading rules, my friends. Get down.

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Unknown said...

A really nice tape, the first song is not a good start (my opinion) but it gonna surprise you.

Cheers & thanks Wizard!