04 January 2016


I often have a hard time describing or explaining what I "like" or what I'm "in to," because it really comes down to what I like at any particular moment, or what I happen to be in to right now. Well, right now I'm into TOSKA. Maybe there are more blasts that I would ask for, and maybe some of the technical guitar shit is not actually to my liking, but I popped this tape into the trusty Marantz PMD500 (yeah, my vintage Pioneer CT-F900 took a shit, much to my chagrin...and financial detriment) this weekend and it was what I wanted. Powerful. Heavy. Forceful. Bare. Determined. I like to feel like a bulldozer just fired up when I push play, and I like to feel like I need to keep looking over my shoulder as I turn up the volume...I like the sounds to threaten me, and I love when the sounds speak to me. Dark and bleak doesn't have to mean "extra reverb," sometimes you can pull that shit off by just being real.

He's always been kept running
Labor built his body to wear this pain as miles have built his mind to forget
But he does not mind dying here in a factory, in a shop
But he does not mind dying on a rail denied his due
Not numbed to his broken body, and not num,bed to his take home pay...

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