05 January 2016


If punk is right than it makes you feel kinda weird....right? If listened to properly, this newish Bay quartet will make you feel downright drunk. They sway drunkenly through off the rails punk that hits you like a distracted assailant hits you with a dull kitchen knife...but the knife has that sharp bit near the tip, so watch the fukk out. The guitar harnesses early Spanish raw punk a la KANGRENA (which is to say that she beats the shit out of the poor thing), and it's a miracle that the drums were able to stay in the studio, much less assembled, during the session. And kids, those are the things you don't even notice at first. Marissa and Eli seem like they are doing battle the whole time - he wants to hold the whole thing together with a solid bass backbone but these vocals are like LEB TOTE on LSD. Try putting this shit into a genre hole, people....I dare you. It's just so very punk, and MOZART give not one single fukk. There are a bunch of new bands around these parts....this is one of them.


Connor Grosser said...

So excited for this! Wish i could make the mrr fest haha

Unknown said...

Wow tupa-tupa-tupa-tupa and fuck it all.
cheers Wizard!