12 January 2016


This driving garage hardcore sound like it comes from another time as much as from another continent. Brasil's VITIMA slap clean, aggressive guitars on top of a sturdy low end and driving drums that nail the requisite early hardcore double snare tap. Two vocalists that are similar enough to avoid distractions but maintain distinctions, and they trade off with effortless precision. "Vida Vazia" is absolutely the track here (the guitar break at the 0:38 mark seals the deal on the whole damn demo), but I there's not a moment on this tape that I would ask them to change in any way. Members of FUTURO, RAKTA and loads more, in case that's the thing that gets you excited...today VITIMA is the thing that gets me excited. Because I like punk.

Another outstanding presentation from the stellar OutPrint imprint. If you like art AND punk, then this collective needs to be on your list imediatamente...

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tupararupa tupararupa tupararupa !
thx & cheers .