02 January 2016


2013 New Jersey mutant rock, represent. In a limited run subculture inundated with self indulgent hardcore acts, something about these kids stands out, and instead of being coy I'll just blurt it out: the fukkn guitars. Nearly constant single note dementia playing two step with some animal just pounding out chords and the combination makes the band sound really....off. The tracks are solid, meaty hardcore burners with a dash of brooding midtempo dark punk, all topped with distant, distorted vocals....and then they just drop a lead in your lap ("Ownership," for example) and you remember why you're still listening (because you've heard solid, meaty tracks before): the fukkn guitars.

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Unknown said...

Yeah!, good for the ears, tupa tupa tupa, interesting lyrics btw...

Thank you for sharing THE WIZARD !