29 January 2016


A grab from their 2014 West Coast tour, this is IN SCHOOL's demo and debut EP combined in one handy plastic shell...perfect for the boombox in your bathroom or your '82 Datsun. A few years ago I referred to the demo a "thinking punks hardcore," and I feel like the EP takes that even further. On the one hand, this is four really smart women who are killing it in a way that supersedes most any hardcore descriptor. But on the other hand, IN SCHOOL are four punks simply killing it. "Gaining Force" from the demo is still the banger, but the guitar in "Fear" is next level and when Golnar lurches out of the breakdown at the 1:04 mark or "Conquest," you're moshing hard

Full Disclosure: My cassette sounds pretty bad since it was probably hastily dubbed in someone's bedroom the night before tour. But since I am a purist, the download above is from my tape...exactly as it sounds. Which is pretty bad. I suggest downloading these tracks directly from IN SCHOOL and drop them a line while you're at it. Tell them I sent you and they'll send you a free button in the mail. Seriously.



best band.

Unknown said...

yeah, put you in the mood for smashing stuff and pit...
thanks wizard!