11 January 2016


I think I can honestly say that the only thing I don't like about this tape is that it is apparently a "joke." A cruel joke, a deceitful joke...a joke that has relegated my favorite demo of 2016 that is actually from 2015 to the status of a piss take. This is legitimately brilliant fukk punk, and I want to believe that there will be more....and in the meantime I will just hope that I can have more. And If I can't have more then I will just listen to "Punk House" on repeat until I'm fifty. That's not really too far away, but still, you get the idea. The thing, as I understand the shit from Greg, is that there was a real comp called Destroy Poserton that was made up completely of fake bands. Then a faker band called BAZZ was invented just to be excluded from the comp...thusly scorned, they ran to the basement to record this Destroy Destroy Poserton cassette. Get it? Whatever. But the thing is that I don't care about the story. The thing is that I want to listen to "Boner Punks" all of the time. SO I WILL. Joke's on you, jokers.

These blasts from the handwritten(scrawled) lyrics are included to make sure you realize how important this cassette is to your life...
"Piss on your toothbrush, shit in your bed."


riot89 said...

upload another indoensian band please brother, thanks

Unknown said...

Wow, punk pank ponc poonq!!!
Really really really good, replay replay replay.
Thank you The Wizard. cheers.