16 January 2016


I remember when this little burner from Sweden dropped in sometime in the mid '00s, and I remembering wondering if it was going to cue a wave of hardcore kids turning more towards rock 'n roll. And while it did (I mean...it happened, not saying this release was the cause, just an indication that it was coming), THE BLINDS are fukkn punk...there's just a careful ear towards snarky rock hooks and there's a KBD meets power pop on crack vibe that you can't help but dig. Those clean guitars getting battered to shits while the vocals have a perfect hipster rock swagger that predated the revival of that descriptor by at least half a decade. Everyone thought Brandon was gonna do a ripping hardcore label...and then somehow this banger way No Way Records 02. Go figure. I guess it's just good, fast, high quality, hi energy rock 'n roll music, and you can qualify or classify it however you want...or you can just get ripped and rage. I vote the latter.


Anonymous said...

gave a very very quick listen on the bandcamp page and i heard a band kind of cloning the new bomb turks.... but as i said i did give it a very quick listen, the others tracks could be different.

anyway you forgot the link, dear wizard and thats aint rock'n'roll!

the wizard said...

Link added, apologies!! Speaking of things that ain't rock 'n roll, my mother is visiting and I was distracted!! Good call on the NBT comparison - I suppose the difference is that BLINDS are coming out of DIY hardcore/punk scene in Sweden, so the sound still seemed new at the time. Side note: the only record I can confirm that was stolen from me through years and years of bands staying in my house is "!!Destroy Oh Boy!!"