28 January 2016


There's something to be said for studio projects. When it comes down to it, you're pretty much doing it for yourselves, for the pure enjoyment, and if no one likes it or cares or ever even hears it? Well then maybe that's fine too. It relieves virtually all of the pressure, removes pesky irritants like outside influence, and opens up the songbook so you can essentially do whatever you want. ZINK TABLETZ was a two-day studio project from upstate New York, and it sounds like they had no qualms about baring their garage rock 'n roll souls while playing killer basement punk. Keyboards on "Bloodbath At The Disco Prom" give off a vague SPITS vibe, while the whole thing has an ear to the past that is equally in tune to STOOGES as to the kind of early punk that you hear on those Songs By Bands That Broke Up Before You Knew About Punk compilations. "Idiot Box" is a screamingly simplistic banger, and everything else is rough, feisty and very nice. 

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