07 October 2015


I suppose I could be lazy and just refer you to Greg's assessment of this east coast outfit, but you're worth too much for me to just phone it in like that. And the tape warrants more than a casual "this dude said it sounds weird, check it out" - because it's really out there. Like, really out there. Guitar sounds drawn from '80s avant/post/art punk, shrill vocal squeals that land somewhere between MELT BANANA, BRATMOBILE and OLD SKULL are dropped with precision over drunken lurches masked as songs...and it all works. But it's weird as shit. The longest track on the demo, "Transitions Into Victory," features the most damaged sounds coming out of a guitar while the drums and bass lay back with an early '80s Rough Trade groove and the vocals start to get a soulful swagger, but that's as close as TEENAGE WAISTBAND get to anything normal on this 2011 release...and they make sure to wipe that impression clean with the tape's closer "Ghost In The Boombox." This one took be by surprise. Enjoy.

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