14 October 2015


I don't even know what to say about Halifax, Nova Scotia, but when someone finds a bad band from that fine Canadian city will you please let me know? BRICKS are the aural manifestation of an earthmover, uprooting your existence with casual disregard. Listen to "Exhausted," a track that starts with all of the trappings of en vogue knuckledragging hardcore but you like it anyway because the shit is right as rain...and then you hit the 1:10 mark and things change a bit, and six seconds later you just get leveled with an indescribable assault. But here's the thing: these fukkrs do that in damn near every song. The blasts are devastating, and when BRICKS slow down to a normal human's searing hardcore pace, I can only suggest that you prepare yourself. There are earlier recordings here, but this one burns so hard.

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