05 October 2015


Sometimes you live with people and they are just your roommates, and you don't actually realize what a huge influence they are having on your lives until years later. I cannot tell you how many casual conversations with Matty have etched themselves into my brain over the years, or how many life lessons I accidentally learned from by simply being in the same room while he was talking. The songs are timeless but the band was so much more than that, and anyone lucky enough to see them knows it. This tape contains just one song, and it is one of my favorite HICKEY tunes (different version than the one on the LP, for those keeping track). By far the shortest post I've ever had on The Escape, but far from the least important. RIP, dude...I can't believe it's been thirteen years.

Don't try calling...but that's the number the VGS made all the death threats to, in case you were curious. The Hawaiian Mafia too, but Aesop says that one was legitimately kinda scary, so I won't make jokes.


Greg Harvester said...

Oddly, I quote the Hawaiian mafia more in my regular daily life than the VGS quotes.

the wizard said...

That's because the Hawaiian mafia incident is way more interesting than a bunch of jocks acting like....well, acting like jocks. I mean, was anyone surprised when the singer from VGS started calling HICKEY faggots? But weird mobsters on your doorstep looking for their boss's daughter ? That shit is raw.

Manuel said...

Finally i got to hear that song, thank Robert cheers from Mexico.