17 October 2015


There is a certain power in sounds that can confuse you, and sometimes I think that is the power of noise. HOPE FOLLOWED BY DESPAIR is noise. Just noise. No apparent structure, certainly no songs, and definitely no riffs. Just....noise. But to be able to take that and make it engaging requires skill (or luck, or the right mindset), and that is what happens here. True, there are are moments that are engaging on their own (start around the 4:23 mark of the first track and you'll see what I mean), but the vast majority of this tape is just...noise. It'll knock you off your rocker and reset your brain at the same time - which will help you endure the 45 minutes that follow because you will need a clean slate to digest this shit. Listen. And listen loudly: By now you should trust me, right? So prepare yourself for maximum volume (obviously), and blast the fuck off...you're welcome.

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kingpossum said...

Thank you for the post and your comments. I'm a huge fan of experimental and drone, and I agree with you: it's more difficult to make that stuff engaging than it appears to the casual listener. Done well or in a way that works for the individual listener, it has the ability to take the listener very far away indeed. I load up the iPod with long, wispy drone pieces for long airplane flights...I find it soothing and it dissipates the monotony.