16 October 2015


Killer. Jangly. Punk. Dark/hollow vocals. Good songs that stick with you. Garage Goth. 

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Blacktooth said...

Dude, this has been on major repeat plays during my bleary-eyed morning subway commutes, as well as the soundtrack for riding the train home drunk late at night. Never before have I wanted to circle-pit to such flowery sounding guitar riffs. There's a beauty about the song structures, here. "Pretension" makes me want to grab my skate and just roll down an empty street at night... Like an intro song for some great non-existent TV show. And then the vocals... I picture some bean-pole dude in a striped t-shirt with a big greasy goth-mop hanging over his face. The echoey, hollow lyrics drive it all home. "Garage Goth" indeed. Thanks for the post!