10 October 2015


Noise drenched raw sludge/fastcore hybrid PATHETIC HUMAN just walk right up and lay waste to their side of this split...an exercise in devastation, pure and simple. Very, very ugly. On the other hand, COLLAPSED TOILET VIETNAM makes their friends sound like flowers and butterflies. One ten plus minute improv distorto-rama titled "Choking/Vomiting/Spitting/Bleeding/Wheezing" and you will start to wonder what you have done with your life as the movements just fall into each other. You know that "noise not music" symbol on Art Garfunkel's forehead? Yeah, these monkeys mean it.

COLLAPSED TOILET VIETNAM have just dropped a bunch of new tunes after a recording hiatus that followed the 2008 release of this cassette. PATHETIC HUMAN shut their operation down a few years ago, but their final offering is available here..it crushes.

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