27 October 2015


Any person who is frequently mentioned in the same breath as GG ALLIN and BOYD RICE is a person who pushes boundaries. I ain't no expert, but there is a wealth of information and background at your disposal, and you can spend ages sinking into article after story after rumor about Lisa Suckdog; creator of the venerable Roller Derby zine, made a baby with Boyd Rice, wrote a book about Yoko Ono, feminist, prostitute - you get the general idea. No art form is sacred or out of reach...everything is on the table. Musically (or perhaps I should say "musically") SUCKDOG (a product of Lisa and her then-partner Costes) cranked out several compilations of noise, aural missives, field recordings and bedroom boombox/4-track collections. The shit is weird, and it comes from someplace completely different....Little Flowers Dying is 19 tracks of non-music released in 1990. Are you ready?


Lane Kagay said...

Lisa's great. Look up her Rollerderby zines and Drugs are Nice book. Okay. Hi from Venice.

thousandfolded said...

Always happy to see Suckdog turn up anywhere.