28 October 2015


Paying eternal homage to The Riff and making a case for headlining every neanderthal hardcore fest this side of Barcelona, a bunch of mutants from McAllen, Texas just dropped this 3 1/2 song demo that will destroy you. Guitars overpower everything in the mix and they are just barely in tune, drums sound like paper sacks, vocals are demented and constantly cracking...it's damn near perfect. The mosh parts are deadly and INGRATE only get weirder when they speed up. I hope they make more songs soon...and I hope they never move to an actual city because whatever they are drinking down there is working quite well. Main riff in the verse to "The World's A Pigsty, We're All Shitting In It" is all you need, the rest is just gravy.

1 comment:

jim e said...

Holy shit please tell me they have more stuff out soon this kills