26 October 2015


I was excited but hesitant when I first put this one in....I am friends with a member of the band, and didn't know they played music until MORDANT started up. So I probably waitied longer than I should have to dive into this tape (I mean, what if it was a stinker and I ran into my pal in public and they asked my opinion.....? hashtag: awkward), but even on my most enthusiastic day I could never have imagined that MORDANT would be this incredible. Eschewing virtually every modern hardcore trapping imaginable, they channel mid '90s chaotic emotional hardcore flawlessly...and my jaw is on the floor. Because they don't just embody the sounds (which they do really well, by they way); the tension is there, the intensity is there...they just fukkn nail it. Mostly high end vocals try so hard to give up but they keep getting pushed ever further, scattered and manic structures that are ruled by constantly meandering bass lines and a guitar assault that holds nothing back. Guitar/vocal combo in "Ruined Machine" reminds me of MILEMARKER, the subtle bass octave drop in "Justines Of The World: Unite" is indescribably perfect....and the whole fukkn thing reminds me of ONE EYED GOD PROPHECY. Do you have any idea how many times I have thought or said that I wanted bands to start trying to sound like ONE EYED GOD PROPHECY instead of primitive knuckle dragging hardcore? A lot of times....so many times. So yeah....thanks, MORDANT.

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