25 October 2015


From "what and why?" to "why are there only three songs?" in about 30 seconds, this Bay Area recording from 2008 spent a frightening number of cycles on repeat at TEHQ. Simple and repetitive riffs (read: monotonous...just not in a bad way) drone on while sparse vocals and assorted sounds pepper the background and "drums" do more to provide texture than to drive a beat home. Lowest of fidelity garage recording, and that casual distance is exactly what hooked me...it's almost like they did this for themselves and really didn't care at all when or it anyone else heard it. Sometimes those little things you just make for your friends wind up in the hands of the right people.....three tracks only, and featuring George Chen (COMMON EIDER, KING EIDER, and many more) and Jess Scott (ex-BRILLIANT COLORS, current FLESH WOLRD). 

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kingpossum said...

A fine example of how just letting the music happen--rather than trying to make it happen--often yields the better results. At least to these ears. File under punk, post punk, experimental or noise as you wish. Great post, mucho gracias.